Endoecological program for 14 days

In modern megacities, our bodies are constantly exposed to harmful toxins, heavy metals, harmful artificial preservatives and food additives. Stress, busy business life and lack of rest further exacerbate a person’s physical and psychological state. Detoxication programs developed by our professionals allow maximum body cleansing of toxins and reducing the toxins-related damage, provide weight reduction and increase body's resistance to colds and chronic disease recurrences. Recommended once in 6 months. .

Expected Effects:

  • weight reduction up to 7 kg in 7 days;
  • improvement of metabolic processes: normalization of blood sugar, cholesterol etc.;
  • normalization of blood pressure;
  • improved function of the immune system;
  • performance improvement.

The program includes:

  • professional medical advice and round-the-clock observation (general practitioner, dermatologist-cosmetician, functional diagnostics doctor);
  • vegetative resonance testing;
  • laboratory diagnostics (clinical, biochemical, oncoscreening);
  • comprehensive whole-body ultrasonic investigation;
  • functional diagnostics (ECG, body composition measurement and thermal imaging);
  • haemoscanning;
  • controlled cleansing of bowels;
  • medication and herbal cleansing packages;
  • liver/gall bladder flushes;
  • manual massage and hardware massage techniques, underwater hydromassage;
  • detoxication wraps;
  • Charcot shower;
  • cryosauna;
  • physical therapy;
  • thermal procedures (Alpha capsule, sauna, hammam, IR-sauna, cedar barrel);
  • individual dietary nutrition;
  • therapeutic swimming;
  • psychological relaxation;
  • lymphotropic injection of medications;
  • comfortable room + three meals.