Program for 10 days

A modern information flow makes each person face memory and concentration impairment problems. This issue is relevant both for children and for middle-aged people. The most common cause of reduction in the memory faculty is interference with cerebral blood circulation. The memory improvement program includes physiotherapy, pharmaceutical methods and treatment techniques aimed at brain activity improvement and cerebral blood circulation management.p>

Expected Effects:

Improvement in:
  • Brain activity
  • Attention
  • Thinking
  • Memory
  • Speech
  • Intelligence

The program includes:

  • Consultation with a neurologist;
  • Medications and herbal medicines that improve memory (injection and drip forms and oral forms);
  • Manual massage techniques (collar zone massage);
  • Osteopathic correction of the spine with an emphasis on the cervical spine and skull;
  • SMC therapy of the collar zone;
  • Physical therapy: aerobic exercises and exercises for the neck area.