Program for 7 days

Smoking impairs functioning of many internal systems of the body, has a negative effect on skin condition, leads to darkening of the tooth enamel, hair and nails fragility.

The program "Life without Cigarettes" is aimed at natural and safe smoking cessation and restoring functions of the respiratory organs. Our experts are studying dependency profiles in each patient and develop an individual treatment plan based on the actual physical and psychological condition.

Expected Effects:

  • normalization of the vascular tone;
  • improved breathing based on carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide clearance;
  • elimination of halitosis;
  • improved memory.

The program includes:

  • professional medical advice(general practitioner, VRT doctor, psychologist, dentist);
  • laboratory diagnostics and blood cotinine monitoring;
  • functional diagnostics (ECG, spirometry);
  • therapeutic and revitalizing manipulations (herbal medicine, oxygen therapy, acupuncture);
  • physical therapy: breathing practices, aerobics with a personal coach;
  • therapeutic swimming;
  • intake of herbal medicines that reduce urge to smoke;
  • comfortable room + three meals.